The Fahad Iqbal Craft Valley
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Hi, I am Muhammad Fahad Iqbal, the owner of social web pages pages and video channels of, The Fahad Iqbal Craft Valley, started my journey as fashion designer in 2019 by taking admission in Fashion Art School in Rawalpindi. During my studies, I learnt about Art, Fashion and Design. I always took inspirations from renowned designers of the world, from their high end fashion collections and fashion events. The career in which I was most interested in the textile and garment industry is that of the fashion design. This interests arouse in me from class eight when I started watching European fashion shows, the western designers, their artistic and creative work in garments, textile, interior designs and handicraft items. For me this journey of achieving fashion design career was very long and difficult. Prior to attending the Arts school, I worked in Oman in Different Construction companies as an Assistant Civil and Architectural Designer and Site Supervisor from 2007 to the first quarter of 2019. But, partway through that work I experienced the change of heart. I realized that I have creative and artistic goals that would not be simply met in that field, and that is why I decided to do effort for pursing fashion design education. Designing of clothes is actually a way of expressing yourself. Designer is such a person who always comes up with new ideas and designs and I have always liked that thing. Although the job of fashion designer may seem easy but are many creative abilities involved in it. Some of these which I have, include a love for fashion, understanding and combination of colors, fashion illustrations, garment stitching and pattern drafting. The aim of making social web pages and video channels is to digitally display my art work and to share my fashion projects as well as to show different aspects of my self such as showcasing my creative side to the viewers. In these pages and channels, viewers will be able to see my fashion art skills, illustrations, accessories and jewelry design, graphic design and also my Photoshop skills. For more updates, articles and post etcetera, viewers can click on my social and video channel links and please don't forget to like and share. Visit Facebook Profile : Youtube : Dailymotion : Instagram : Pinterest : Or Visit & Join Facebook Group : Thank you