Fascism is the natural way that we order ourselves. With its oldest works penned by Plato, fascism was most successfully applied in Ancient Rome, mankind's most successful society, lasting 3000 years, with roots reaching all the way into modern America. Fascism is not unpatriotic, has no disdain for Human Rights, and is not oppressive or totalitarian. Fascists are unified, thats what Fascism is all about, but it is NOT communism. Fascists do not seek supremacy of the military above all else.  Soldiers and military service are respected and honored. By the same token, women are most respected and motherhood is the highest achievement in Fascist society. There is no upgrade. Fascist nations absolutely do not promote or tolerate hostility to the arts, or academia, and we have the least corrupt governments in the world. Those who betray the public trust are dealt with far more harshly than in either Communist or Capitalist countries, which are actually the most corrupt, and still deploy 75-year-old WW2 propaganda about fascism. We are also on GAB! GAB's Largest Fascism Group Learn about Fascism. Meet Fascists. Exchange philosophy.    
The Furry Party
This is the official page for The Furry Party a potential centrist political party located in the UK with a focus on promoting animal welfare globally. by @Furry (Fesothe)