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ROCKOLLECTIONS: VOL3- THE ORIGINALS PT.1 It’s been a long time since I did any of The Originals – this is Volume 3- Songs we know very well, Originally done by other solo artists or groups. I'll begin with the Rolling Stones- it’s so well known by them it might be considered the Original. But it’s a Cover Version, and finally in True Stereo! No particular Rhyme Or Reason for these Songs, they just happened to be close by at the time Although the fact I was recording the show on a Friday may have played into the next set. And for some reason I was thinking in Threes! Let’s have fun with this! Here are the links to Some Things You May Never Have Heard, at Mike Pell Rockollections: At Podomatic: At Spreaker: Mike
Meme Supreme
Welcome to Meme Supreme !! The Sharfly Version there are many like it but this one is Sharfly's I stole this preamble from the original page on a dying platform We're here to blow Sunshine up Your Ass 'til you Puke Rainbows! The rules are simple: Post Funny Memes. Sharfly TOS are in effect and enforced. Extraordinary Abuse of Power: No Infographics, Robo-Ho's, or Threats! Healthy debate is boolshit, but werdz iz werdz, so solve your problems with insults and mockery! If you don't like something, too bad! Ignore it and move on. If it got past the Algorithms and the Admins, it's Lawful Free Speech! If you're the lucky one or two people that get to see banned content BEFORE it gets Reported/Deleted/Banned/Raided, then do us all a favour and bring it to Our and Site Admins attention, and you'll see we act swiftly to maintain our integrity and good standing. Have fun and play nice out there!!!! Or be a Dick, and enjoy having your Ego, Identity, and Self-Perception Grievously Molested. Absolutely zero blocking of Owners or admins.
The Gif Lounge
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Post gifs:  Funny Sci fi Wild and weird Funny adults only (nudity with humor) No Porn gifs here Have fun  #TheGifLounge if you steal something from here, which is perfectly OK
Post them Dog pictures all ages all breeds living and in Memory
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  This is a Page dedicated to the love of Canines as pets, it is also a group in groups, same rules apply: Prayer chain for sick or injured pets Memorializing Dogs who are stil in our hearts. Breed hate or bashing will not be tolerated. humor is ok: (yes my chihuahua thinks it is is dangerous and viscious) No buying or selling of products, animals or services for animals is permitted.  To promote working dogs,and dog activites 1 rule: any form of cruelty or illegal fighting will get you reported/banned.