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Essential Classic Evergreen
The Man in Black
1. Supper Time
2. You Win Again
3. Country Boy
4. I Forgot to Remember to Forget
5. Train of Love
6. My Treasure
7. Cry Cry Cry
8. Run Softly Blue River
9. Get Rhythm
10. Frankies Man Johnny
11. Taller Than Trees
12. Sugartime
13. Blue Train
14. Port of Lonely Hearts
15. You Tell Me
16. They Wreck of the Old '97
17. Hey Porter
18. Give My Love to Rose
19. Five Feet High and Ring
20. Hey Good Lookin'
21. Down the Street to 301
22. Goodbye Little Darlin'
23. Straight As in Love
24. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
25. Shepherd of My Heart
26. Mean Eyed Cat
27. Pickin' Time
28. It's Just About Time
29. Belshazzar
30. That's All Over
31. Time Changes Everything
32. SupperTime
33. I Still Miss Someone
34. Clementine
35. Drink to Me
36. I Love You Because
37. Life Goes On
38. The Story of a Broken Heart
39. Wide Open Road
40. I'd Rather Die Young
41. Remember Me I'm the One Who Loves You
42. The Man On the Hill
43. The Great Speckled Bird
44. I Just Thought Youd Like to Know
45. Don't Take Your Guns to Town
46. My God Is Real
47. Oh Lonesome Me
48. When I've Learned Enough to Die
49. Katy Too
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THE UNFORGETTABLES è il canale che raccoglie i classici di tutti i tempi della musica internazionale che ti farà rivivere la magia del grande Jazz, le emozioni della musica classica, il rock trasgressivo delle origini passando attraverso le intramontabili melodie del pop.
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