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Black Appeasement Culture (and why we must resist it)
The culture of black appeasement, also once known as "negrophilia" can date  back to almost a century, and is identifiable by its sheer affinity and preference towards anyone or anything of African descent.  Over the years, it has made individuals and institutions appear more popular by street-level standards by being "cool with the black dudes" and pretending to be in tune with their way of thinking.  This was prominent in 1960's America where pop groups of the time paid great homage to blues artists like B.B King & Muddy Waters, emulating their style and lingo which later influenced the entire black-appeasing hippie presence - evolving through decades of Afro-tainted pop culture.   Even now, into the 2020's, the word on the street is still fundamentally 'black' where youth of all races have unwittingly borrowed style, music, speech, expressions and even mannerisms - originating from African origin.  Modern media and advertising heavily reflects this in films, television and all pop culture where mixed-race dating is always an emphasis.  To even challenge this may land the 'challenger' in politically correct condemnation even in the name of free speech.  The 'word on the street' is BLACK and has been for decades.  It remains that way, not for the achievements of civil rights, but for the sake of an unchallenged street credibility.