Printers & Toner
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In your business, you want everyone to focus on customers and delivering great service with a smile. Printer problems are the last thing you or your staff should deal with. Sadly, printers stop working at the most inconvenient times. Run out of ink mid-way through a task. Or simply refuse to print (even when you’ve turned them off and on again a few times). Figuring out what’s wrong and what to do takes too much valuable time away from customer care. You don’t know how to fix it. You haven’t a clue what ink or toner it takes. You just know it will be expensive. Sometimes it just seems easier to replace the printer – another extra cost you just don’t need. This is a place to discuss printer problems and remedies and loo at alternative 'more green' methods of transacting your business.
Dirty unwashed jokes and Memes
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This is a group for OLD FOLKS over 30. People who have already been offended by life, mirrors, and medical un professionals.Laughter is the fountain of youth, unless you start laughing, then coughing, then choke and get heartburn.........
US Green Party
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This is for Greens. We are nonviolent. We promote grassroots democracy, respect diversity, and encourage decentralization.  Also we do what we can about climate change and the ongoing extinction event.