Weaponized Misanthropy
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A place for those who are off center enough to not be able to merge with others successfully. I welcome the morbid, the sardonic, the bizarre and so on. If it disturbs others but makes you laugh hysterically, it probably belongs here. I run a content channel dedicated to the bizarre so I thought maybe it was time to seek out others of my kind. Do not be afraid, be as weird as you want. Real weird though, I can detect forced strange. Remember I can warp time space and dimension with my mind so its probably not a great idea to anger me. :)
Weightloss & Wellness PLUS+
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Welcome to your VIP access where I help you get one step closer to your goals. The clients who get the best results are the ones who participate! As a valued member you now have access to: - Weekly challenges (prizes awarded for the winner) - Q&A's for you to ask me anything fitness, nutrition, or mindset related - Ongoing support for weekly trainings (various topics to support your journey) - Access to others members to share stories, and encourage one another I appreciate each and everyone of you, and I look forward to sharing this space with you!
Weightloss & Wellness
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I designed this group to drop some value for you to use in your weight loss journey. Looking for additional support? Join my VIP group for access to weekly Q&A's, weekly challenges with the chance to win prizes, and additional support with videos outlining mindset, training and nutrition.
United FreeThinkers/Agnostics/Atheists-Polite Discussions
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Non-Religious/Irreligious Freethinkers/Agnostics/Atheists/Deists/Humanists/ Secularists/Apatheists/Pantheists, etc. Thank you all for joining *Members include a few words of your own when posting videos, memes, etc., and are expected to participate in the threads their posts generate. *Be Polite and Reasonable when commenting. Civility and respect for other members is essential. *Please check the authenticity of information before posting, False and misleading information will be removed. *Posts shouldn't make fun of religion. Posts should contain reality. No Religious posts or discussions No Political posts or discussions No Religious People Allowed No Flat Earth and other false Information No Posting Screenshots No False Viral Posts No Weird or Scary images, No images of Idols No Posts or comments of Hatred or Racism No Converting, Preaching or Promoting Religion No Trolling, rude and impolite comments Don't report or block any post, Tag Admins or Moderators. Take it upon yourself Feel free to block any member, don't block Admins and Moderators Admin Dominic Fernes