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This group is for residents of the great state of Arkansas.  There's absolutely no profanity allowed. You are welcome to list your for sale/ trade items.  By joining you indemnify the owner/administrator of this group. To wit, me. Furthermore, you agree to conduct yourself in a friendly, respectful and trustworthy manner.  In other words,  if the item needs repair say so. Also, you are stating that you are legally able to own a firearm.      When listing an item please include your location, item value (even if it's a trade only) and as many details as you would want to have about a perspective purchase.  
Doberman Pinschers
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This is for Doberman Pinschers that are for sale both adults and puppies. Please post a picture, where you're from, how much, and a picture of the pedigree.
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Come show off your rabbits, ask questions,  seek help on a potential purchase (without naming breeder) or matching up for best results, and exchange with other French lop breeders. Listing must involve PEDIGREED french lop rabbits over 10 weeks of age. (There is a french lop pet rabbit group that caters to pet French lops where you can list unpedigreed rabbits at 8 weeks). Listing must contain a picture and depict rabbits location, color, date of birth, sire, dam, colors of sire and dam, and asking price. No pics of rabbits in cages. Only one & the same rabbit in one listing - that contains pics of top view, front view, side view, and hind view of rabbit (no multiple rabbits in one picture or preselling a litter).  I want upfrontness in each posting. Depict major flaws that might cause a new owner to be disappointed. Check toenail color, gender, for split ps, eyes, health, if it has background of BEW, shaded, chocolate ect ( that might erupt chaos in anothers line if not noted). Be respectful and message admin if a specific breeder misrepresents their stock.