So you say Sharfly is  

Social Media Without, Data Mining, Or Censorship © ·  but now you make me disable my adblocker.. so you can show ads that track and colect data.. or force me to pay. so you still can collect the data and track.. had to disable ad blocker just to write this. and it will be turn back on after i am done. this seems like it is just a money maker sceem.

Do you think this site pays its bills with Monopoly money? Nope it’s my hard earned real cash that keeps the lights on here. I originally hoped people who used the site would chip in to keep it running. But we are on month 3 and hardly anyone has taken the option for $0.99 a month. So I’m gonna have to add some advertisements to help pay the bills plain and simple, you can throw a temper tantrum like a child but this is how the real world works bud. 


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