Friday, May 29, 2020 6:45 am - 9:45 am

  The quality itself is great,and it looks the same as the photo. I was satisfied when I took it out of the package. Every piece of equipment is independent. So when you are wearing the clothes, don't worry about being stuck because of the inappropriateness.
  The material of the clothes is very skin-friendly, so there will be no tie or itching when putting on the clothes. The size is also accurate.
  I was so happy because I quickly received my clothes. I tried on my clothes. It felt very good. The clothes were packed very well. The workmanship is fine, and there is no smell. It’s really a perfect costume.
  The seller's service attitude is very good, very patient to the customers. Of course, the quality of the clothes is very good, the effect of wearing clothes on the body is also super good.
  The connection on each part of the clothes is done very well. Therefore the threads on the clothes will not be broken. Other accessories on the clothes will not loose either. I am satisfied with the shopping this tine.
Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Cosplay Costume

  The pants were perfect! Definitely order up though! Didn't want too tight, the size I purchased for nicely. Great costume!
  I was a little nervous about purchasing but I did anyway. Before I bought it, I asked the seller some question and under the help of the seller, I get a costume fit me very much.
  The choice of fabric for clothes is very correct. This set of clothing uses less fabric and mainly uses the light-colored fabrics, but the clothes won’t fall off or be transparent. It’s comfortable to wear and won’t be embarrassing.
  The clothes are very breathable and very cool to wear. The cloth wrapped around the hand will not hinder the skin on the hand breathing. The combination of different fabrics makes the clothes look special~This is a successful shopping!
  The fabric of the clothes is very comfortable. Belts and the like are genuine, the seller has no falsification at all. It’s so great! The clothe is not expensive, it is really affordable.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Chirrut Imwe Donnie Yen Cosplay Costume

  The hem of the clothes is multi-layered, which can restore the costume of the character in the movie to a higher degree. It is very convenient to wear the clothes, and the match of the color is just right, so the whole set of clothes looks very nice.
  The quality of the clothe is very good, the price is low, and it is not hot to wear. The clothe will not be very tight, and it’s very comfortable.I am satisfied with it.
  Not only the quality of the clothes is good, but the quality of other accessories is also very good. These accessories won't be broken easily. You can still play freely with this costume for you don’t need to worried about the safety of the accessories.

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