by on February 2, 2020
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by on January 26, 2020
We're counting 'likes' on YouTube to choose songs for the first album. This is a 25 minute playlist that can serve the purpose of getting you to peel yourself away from the computer and go accomplish some little jobs around the house. Hit 'play all' and go get some little jobs done. ߙ Don't forget to run back to the computer and 'like' any song that you think is absolutely beautiful ! ...
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by on January 17, 2020
DARPAs LifeLog project (which is literally just what Facebook is) ended THE EXACT DAY that Facebook was founded. Feb. 4, 2004 LifeLog ends: Feb. 4, 2004, Facebook is founded: ...
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by on January 17, 2020
Books promos. These are books that I happily promote. Amazing authors and some great talent..  *************************************************************************************************************************** ...
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