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Narissa Carstens

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We attended a very edifying and instructive, World Wide Apostolic Assembly (12 Feb 2020) with Apostle Bert Neethling exhorting us from Joshua 2 and Evangelist Monique reading our sacrifices.

IN reflection:

The Lord place value in those things which represents Him by the record of Christ and the fruits thereof, formed within those who keep His words in their inward parts, as the treasure of their heart.

Satan comes as a friend to the flesh (5 facets) which is false, for he comes to plunder, steal and destroy: but the Spirit by the anointing removes his covering in which he hides, to reveal his true form (death) which is hid in each suggestion to the mind, whereby we experience our liberty in Christ, who delivers us from Satan's hands by the hand of God: For Satan is no friend of righteousness and comes as a roaring lion to cast fear in the heart (5C's), but we are the offspring of the Lion of Judah, who destroys the enemy by the power of His might (sword of truth: TAD), which is in the hands of the children of His house.

The way of the devil is death unto death, but the way of the Lord is life unto life.

"Blessed are they who walk through the valley of death but endure the presence of death, not being without understanding, for they receive instruction and knows how to walk in the light of God therefore death has no sting, for as Christ overcame death so do they who keep His Word as their counsel."

My spiritual sacrifices offered unto the Lord in Assembly:

SS1 To reason with God, is to de-value the enemies of faith, to experience the liberty of Christ, for our overcoming is by embracing the power of His perspective, which casts down enemies which ruins and spoils the soul.

SS2 Discernment, disarms the enemy by putting on the armour of Christ: therefore, as we walk through the valley of death we stand victorious in Christ, freed from death.

Why WE Prophesy Christ

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— with Bert Neethling.

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