February 13, 2020
News about the site you should read

If you are new welcome :) , this website is still in a early stage. Please be patient.

- IOS and android app in the works.   

- Sharfly allows nudity in closed groups. (you can not post nudity on the public feed) 

- Update: dark mode. (toggle in your settings) 

- Update: custom profile backgrounds. (Background Settings) 

- Update: "Friends Only" Newsfeed (Option)

- Update: Gobal background changes (Option)

- Update: Affliliate system 

- Update:  -9 like/dislike ratio will cause the system to delete your post. 

- Update: Data limits are 200MB for free members (you can use activity points to upgrade or PayPal)

- Update: Live Chat for groups and gobal (ShoutBox)

- Coming soon: Stores

- Coming soon: Auctions

- Coming soon: Scheduled posts

- Coming soon: Pinned posts for groups