The Beatles
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A group to talk about and share info about the Beatles. Very few rules here. If it's about the Beatles as a group or post Beatles work by any one of them, great! If it's clearly related to the Beatles, such as other musicians covering their songs, great! If it's other Beatles era music that somehow is related... ie: here's how the Beatles and the Beach Boys influenced each other, or here's the Stones first hit, written by Lennon/McCartney, that's great too. If you want to promote your own music, and can somehow show that it's related to the Beatles, I may allow it, if some connection is made clear. But... don't spam the group. If you want to promote your hip-hop album, Bollywood, opera, or any other music that has nothing to do with the Beatles, don't. If you do it once, I will remove the post. If you do it twice, I will remove you. If you want to post fake sex ads, well, you're a bot, so I'll just block you. Please please me by joining up!