Civil War Scoreboard
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This is the place to pst any news, information, after action reports, KIA, WIA, combat vids, intel, analysis, discussion on the civil war in the USA.  
NewsPaper Today
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WORLD NEWS DAILY -- News straight from their sources each day, stories you probably don't see elswhere. The #NewsPaper Today  covers each these cities/countries daily: China, Miami, California, Jamiaca, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Qatar, Germany, Ireland, Columbia, Israel, Iran #Art #Business #Drugs #Economics #Money #Military #Politics #Science #Sports #Technology #War
Positive white nationalism
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A group for serious white nationalists, those of us who really want to do this. Positive white nationalism is about tribe, culture, race. It is about building a civilization . Civilization is what you carve out of the jungle to help you not only survive but thrive. We are not about jungle law we are about civilization and valuing human life. I would equate us with any other human tribe Navajos or Australian aboriginal people. No one even considers the subject of racism when thinking of these people and no one should consider it when they think of us. So please no shit posting, no baiting Jews, blacks or any other race of people. We're all equally valuable just differently adapted to survival on earth. That may mean temperament, IQ dispersion or what ever else but we are all different and all made by nature. Thus, we are all worthy of the same respect whether an African Bushman or a nuclear scientist from Sweden. IQ and technology aren't everything and you do not need to be superior to be valid. Racism distracts us and it's a nasty habit unworthy of our time and effort. We have our own race to worry about , that is enough without spending our time criticizing some other race. That said, I hope this group can discuss some practical white nationalist projects. Alt currency and economics, enclaves, law, politics, eugenics, inventions , science food production and so on. I hope this can be a place where we roll up our sleeves and do some actual work. 
Digital Soldiers
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Standing up for our Freedom as Americans , for our Constitutional Rights ,for the right to be heard and not silenced , to uncover the deceptions of the media , BLM , ANTIFA , and the Democrats . United We Stand Divided We FAll