Magic The Gathering Sales Canada
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Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the VERY FIRST MTG group on Sharfly!!!!    This is a sales group for Magic the gathering in Canada ONLY. (check our other groups for other regional sale locations) only a few rules! 1.Post clear pictures with Date and Coin. 2. Always state price. A exact number is not needed. For example 80% of X sites value at time of sale is fine. 3. Keep content Magic related.   If you have any issues come on down to my inbox and let's chat.   i offer middle man services if you need a 3rd party 🙂
The Basset Hound Den
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We love our Bassets Hounds and do our best to bread for a great Basset temperament and AKC standard and to preserve and let others know how great a breed they are.   They are loving, smart, very loyal, funny but stubborn. I have had other breeds and love all animals but my bassets hold a special place in my heart and cannot imagine my life without them in it.      
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This group is for residents of the great state of Arkansas.  There's absolutely no profanity allowed. You are welcome to list your for sale/ trade items.  By joining you indemnify the owner/administrator of this group. To wit, me. Furthermore, you agree to conduct yourself in a friendly, respectful and trustworthy manner.  In other words,  if the item needs repair say so. Also, you are stating that you are legally able to own a firearm.      When listing an item please include your location, item value (even if it's a trade only) and as many details as you would want to have about a perspective purchase.