by on November 27, 2020

Short answer yes, according to Wikipedia In 2016, its machines served 70 million voters in 1,600 jurisdictions. So what has changed? absolutely nothing.

Anytime Trump doesn't win anything he screams foul play, he has done it with not winning an Emmy for his TV show "The Apprentice" To claims the court systems and the federal judge is rigged,”when he lost a lawsuit against Trump University It just doesn't matter if Trump loses it must be rigged in his mind.

Trump is undermining our entire democracy the same way a foreign agency would and should be charged with treason, no president has ever tried to destroy our democracy like Trump has with his unfounded claims of mass voter fraud. You can't say dominion voting system works when Trump wins but it's rigged when he loses.

While I believe our voting system needs improvements I don't believe it was "Rigged" just because the biggest sore loser in history says so. There has been no evidence besides emails from random people and that's hearsay nothing more.  

I have not heard one time from anyone what's the plan to improve the voting system for the next election in 4 years and my guess is you never will because it's not about fixing a problem it's about blindly listening to Trump so he can get donations to fight a fake fight. In fact any donation under $8,000 doesn't go to the legal battle it goes directly into Trumps pocket he is literally playing his supporters like fools or like some of his supporters always say "He's a great businessman" 



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