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First if you don't know about Sharfly, it's a new "Facebook Alternative Free Speech Site" give it a try!

Now for everyone else let's dive into how the site works, starting with the side menu. "Quick Links"

facebook alternative free speech

So let's start with Account Settings. This will bring you to this page.


account settings

On this page you can change your username, email, and password. You can also cancel your account, completely delete every photo, comment, post, etc.. I'm not sure what the PayPal setting is, my guess is it's for monthly membership upgrades. Be sure to click "SAVE" when making any changes.

On the same page you will see at the top

privacy settings

Once on this page it should look like this

privacy settings page

On this page you can set what other members can see about your profile.

Next on our list is Push Notification Settings

Push Notification Settings

On this page you can set what notifications you want to receive, this is only for push notifications. Push notifications are what you get on your phone. Same concept but for the PC. If you close Google Chrome or go to a different website Sharfly will popup on the bottom right of your screen with a notification.


Sharing Settings

Sharing Settings

This page will set your "Defaults" posting settings, if you keep everything on "everyone" when you make a post, poll, quizzes. etc.. "Everyone" will be able to see it. You can set your default settings to friend only, and nobody but your friends can see it.

User Background


user backgrounds

If you want to customize Sharfly with your own color like I did with purple or you can even upload a photo like how you could with MySpace. Its very easy just click the User Background link.

Activity Points

Activity Points

On this page you will see your "Current Points" along with a list of how you earned "Points" At the top on the page you will see

How To Earn

earn points

On this page you can view the different ways to earn "points" from as far as I can tell you can only use the "points" to buy an Upgrade Membership. To do so go to Upgrade Membership

membership plan

and click "Select Plan" You should next see this "Popup"

manual renew

Because I'm going to use my "Points" I pick "Manual Renew" On the next page you will have the option to pay with your "Points"

payment gateway

As you can see I don't have enough "Points" to pay for 1 month of a upgraded membership. I believe it's 1000 "Points" so I can't post an image of what it would look like. Maybe the admin will send me some :heart_eyes: so I can.

This is all I really know about the "Point" system so far, but I'm sure the admin has plans for more things to do with theses points.

How To Make A Post

This is just as easy as posting on Facebook, you just type in the area that says "Whats on your mind?".

whats on your mind

You will notice one differences from Facebook and Sharfly, on the top right you will see "You have 1/10 available posts." (The reason it says 1/10 is because I made 1 post today, for you it will say 0/10 this resets daily) From my understanding the "Admin" has put up a payment wall for more than 10 posts per day for non-upgraded members if you pay $0.99 a month the limit is removed. I can completely understand, one this makes people not spam the main news feed with too much, it also helps the Admin with web server costs.

How To Post A Photo

You can drag and drop photos into this area or click the "Blue button" to select from your PC.

upload photo

If you clicked the "Blue upload button"

blue button

You will see a file window open

open photo

Select the photo you would like to upload and click open

How To Post A Video

If you are posting a YouTube video use the "Video" option

post video

Paste a YouTube URL and click "Share" This puts the video not only into the news feed but it also adds the video into the Videos section. 

How To Post A Quiz

Click Create Quiz on this page

how to add a quiz

On the top part of the page you will make the "Quiz Title" in the "Description" area type something about your "Quiz", next click the browse button, this is where you add a photo to your quiz (You don't have to). 

quiz bottom

At the bottom of the page is where you will create the "Quiz" each question needs answers this is the "Green" checkmark. As you can see in the photo "Right" has a "Green" checkmark. Replace where I put "Right" with the correct answer to your question. 

Click "Submit" and you're done!

How To Make A Poll

To create a poll click the Create Poll button it will bring you to a page that looks like this

poll question

At the top where it says "Question" type your question, for an example: How hot is the Sun? The "Description" is optional. The "Photo" is also optional.

poll answers

The bottom of the page is where you enter the answers to your "Poll". You can delete or add more "Answers" to your poll by either clicking the "Trashcan" button or clicking the "Add More" button.You can also make the votes public or not, but toggling the button named "Public Votes". You can also allow multiple votes, and set a close time for your poll. The last part is choosing if you want this "Poll" for everyone or just friends.

How To Search Sharfly

If you are trying to find your friend, page, group, etc.. You can use the "Search Bar" at the top of the Website.

Search Bar


You can type any keyword into this search bar. If your friends name is "Ryan" just type "Ryan" it will pull up all the users name with "Ryan". It's like Google but just for Sharfly lol

If I have left anything out please comment below and I will add it to this help guide.













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