by on October 12, 2020

This topic about getting "Text Messages" from your website seems to be a secret or something. I'm not sure why if you are a small website, why you don't set your website to email your phone number VS any email account. This is simply done by setting your "Contact us" email to [email protected] if you are a Verizon Wireless customer. If you are a cricket custom your email is [email protected]. (Replace your number with 5555555555)

If you want to find your phone's "Email" just make a new text message and replace the phone number with your email.

After you have your phones email just use that as your contact us email. You can even do this with a WordPress website, just edit the sites "General" settings it's normally " Administration Email Address"

Enter "Your Phone's Email" and now you will get phone text messages every time someone emails you via your website.


You also can set up most email providers to forward emails, so if you don't want clients to directly know your "phones email" you could give them a Gmail email and set that account up with forwarding all emails to [email protected] or whatever your phones email is.

This is NOT tested fully you should test this yourself and know it might not be reliable, but it has always worked for me. 

There is a comment box under this post if you are a sharfly member so please comment and let other people know if this works for you or if it didn't.


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