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This probably sounds like a bunch of BS but I don't want to sell you my course, I don't want you to buy anything so ask yourself what do I have to gain besides just telling my story and helping others? Sounds fishy right? Yeah well not everyone is terrible so just take everything I say as a grain of salt and take something way from this story.

The year was 2008 and I lost my job, I hardly had anything saved up but my significant other could cover the bills for a few months at least, until I figured something out. I always wanted to start my own business but never knew where to start. So I decided to think about what I could sell online and my first thought dogtags (the ones military wear) because my whole family is in the military and they all wear dog tags either their own or a lost loved one so I started stamping "quotes" into them for people to buy and give to love ones to wear.

Purchased a cheap manual metal stamping kit on amazon for about $20, a few blank metal dog tags for another $20, and got to work stamping out all of them with this one "quote". "Always in my heart"

I personalized each one with the clients name of choice, and charged $34. It started slow with maybe 1 sale a week but over time it grew into 50+ sales a day. The main way i grew this business was giving a thank you note in each box and always being kind no mater how terrible the customer was. Sometimes I would get backed up on orders and a customer would complain and I would try my best to explain I'm just a single mom trying my best but sometimes that didn't matter so I would go out of my way to make them happy offering to ship the product for free and refund the client. You know why? one happy client leads to 20 new clients sometimes. It's always worth it to take a loss and make a profit later.

I never paid for advertising, the only thing I did was provide a quality item and top notch customer service. I have tons of competition, I even have sellers who copy my exact same words, there's nothing I can do about that I'm not going to copyright each "quote" it would bankrupt me. So don't get discouraged over competition, just be the better service.

One last tip is your title should always have a good amount of "keywords" for an example:

"Loss of a Dad - Sympathy Jewelry Gifts - Loss of a Parent Remembrance Necklace - Memorial Necklace - Dogtag"

Etsy will do its best to advertise for you, (this is why it's worth to pay the commission) they only make money when you make money so they do have an incentive to get you some sales. I have found my products ranked #1 on Google for some "keywords" but you have to do some research before making a title.

Yes I have my own website, and guess what? It only gets traffic from a small percentage of previous clients. Some clients prefer to keep buying from Etsy even when I offer a discount to buy from my website (in the note I include with each purchase I give a discount code for my website). My thoughts about this is people feel safer buying from Etsy VS my website. Or maybe they have a Etsy gift card? who knows? But end of the day I make over $100,000 a year on Etsy. If I closed down the Etsy and went only website, I would lose so much on advertising cost.

Think about Etsy's commission as advertising cost.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, and I will try to answer them.






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